Nordic Style Apartment

The Nordic decorative style is very beautiful, however when I put I put it at home think that it is too white, but when I saw this apartment all my fears disappeared, it’s a purely Scandinavian home filled with colors and warm textures, that give life to the decoration.

This beautiful Nordic apartment with bright splashes of color. He entirely which retains its structure and original architectural elements, as soils, Birch roofs and stucco walls wooden coffee ceilings. Through the design furniture, most of them low-cost, and colors, ranging from dusty pink to various shades of green or small brush strokes of yellow, get to add a contemporary touch to the apartment.

Armchairs, chairs and sofas of Scandinavian design from different periods or the beautiful ceiling lamp Bumling in the dining room, I think a version of standing in a corner of the dining room. They are distributed with mastery and without saturating the space.

Touches of color are distributed throughout the home, are the ones who truly bring personality to this House lamps and yellow chairs, Emerald and Mint chairs, sofas pink stick and textile coral, which certainly stand out for their long hair, like the carpet of the room in shades of green and white blanket that we found in one of the chairs in the dining room.

A distribution with large rooms that communicate through a wonderful double doors that help spread the great amount of light coming through the windows. Combined with great mastery of the role of romantic style, the wooden coffered ceilings, the plaster from the ceiling with wood flooring and ceilings, and duvet of tiled fireplaces without seeming loaded or gone out of fashion.

The warmth and comfort of this House achieved it through the materials, textures, color and distribution, thanks to which the great amount of light coming through the windows can sneak into every corner.

Another advantage of this beautiful apartment is the care courtyard on two levels, it is sunny, with plants and furniture to sunbathe, read and eat in family or organize a small party with friends.

Making Your Living Room More Brighten

Decorative projects in which we can see the before and after are perfect to get interesting decorative ideas, and discover that many times it is really easy to give a new look to any room. Ignoring the fact that photographs of the later are always much better, clear.

Pots for Small Terrace Decorating

The size of the terrace should not blind us to place life and joy in our terrace through plants. That’s what the French firm az & mut defends tooth and nail, and to do so shows us some very original pots that solve space problems in a truly original way.

Wall Decorating with Nature

In interior decorating theme, the secret is always to decorate with personality, leave their mark. Sometimes even plants and animals can give us some suggestion! The rest is sacred, better if the environment it is ready made cozy by relaxing colors and lights, even better if the feeling is one of being in another place.

Ingenious Idea to Decorate Child’s Bedroom

Today I leave you with an idea to decorate a child’s bedroom. If your child is becoming greater, it is logical to change the decoration as a result. Little by little wedge and other accessories for babies, will be disappearing to give rise to a space of an infant, a teenager.