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With the restoration of my familys 111-year-old Mission Zero House in Ann Arbor, MI we proved that preservation and sustainability are intertwined and that even historic homes can achieve net zero energy. Now its time for sustainable historic properties to kick it up a notch.  This week the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation announced a strikingly bold project called Energizing Taliesin West with the goal of taking the National Historic Landmark Taliesin West to net zero – producing as much on-site renewable energy as the property occupants and visitors consume.

Mirror House at the Common, an Interactive Playground Project in Copenhagen from Danish architects MLRP is an ingenious and magical retrofit.

A simple and economical re-cladding has engineered a transformation of a formerly boring and depressing building into a fun place on the playground; the Mirror House.

The existing playground structure was a mundane and necessary building housing bathrooms for the kindergarden classes, as well as an all-purpose room.

Some pests, such as slugs and snails, are always with us and they typically generate the most inquiries to the RHS members’ advice service. Other pests are relatively new in Britain, or are expanding their range northwards, and so are being encountered by gardeners for the first time. Vine weevil

This is one of the most troublesome pests and causes damage to a wide range of plants in gardens, greenhouses or the house. The adult weevils are active at night from spring to autumn. They spoil the appearance of foliage by eating notches in the leaf margins. The grub stage is even more destructive as they eat roots and can kill plants, especially those in pots or other containers.

Steel buildings are quite popular in the commercial, industrial and domestic sector. The advantages offered by steel buildings have made it quite popular among a lot of people. Affordability and strength are some of the many traits of such buildings. Warehouse buildings, sports arenas, school buildings, gymnasiums, churches, garden sheds and airplane hangars are some buildings where steel can be used. In addition to being easy to construct, steel buildings are versatile and environment friendly. When compared with traditional building, steel ones can be easily expanded due to the availability of adjustable panels. The frames of steel buildings can be recycled.

Metal building kits are a viable alternative to conventional buildings. They are cheaper and stronger than wood structures.
Like any other decision you make in your new kitchen choosing the right kitchen faucet can only be done once you are properly educated in what they are all about. There are countless faucetry options available but your selection will ultimately be narrowed by your needs and taste. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular faucet styles:

Culinary Kitchen Faucet:

A culinary faucet is a newfangled concept which escalates a standard kitchen into a gourmet experience. A must have for any serious cook a culinary faucet will change the way you cook, improving efficiency and tidiness. Think of it as your “personal assistant”, always on hand to make sure things run smoothly.